Three Color Gaming Keyboard M-200

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M-200 3 Backlight Wired Gaming Keyboard leads the evolution of gaming at its best. 
From the matchless tactile feel of its keys to the stunning fire cracks LED backlights, 
everything in M200 is aimed towards gaming. It features an exciting LED concept with a multitude of lighting options 
( 3 backlight modes, adjustable brightness ). The new LED allows gamers to individualize their experience by 
choosing any color in the spectrum and displaying them in a variety of modes which provide a best gaming experience. 
Built with superior quality, durability, well-conceived design and layout, help you to conquer each level and become king of the game!

Main Features:
●3 backlight modes: press FN + SL to switch the color - red, blue and purple
●3 levels light brightness 33 percent, 66 percent and 100 percent adjustable brightness, press FN + ↑ or FN + ↓ to adjust
●With 114 sensitive keys, 10 multimedia buttons, you can use it to play music, adjust the volume, shortcut keys E- Mail and homepage, convenient to use
●Cool fire cracks, perfect for game enthusiasts
● Ultra-durable and programmable keys is designed to last 10 million strokes. Play your games without any worries
●Bottom stand function is designed to provide a best using angle for you
● With 1.4 meter ( 4.6 ft ) cable reduces abnormal conductivity, providing highest level of transmission signal
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