A2 Laptop Cooling Pad - Double Fan - Black

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A2 Notebook Cooling Pad Adjustable Angle 2 USB Port Cooler with Stand
A2 Laptop Cooling Pad is a lightweight, compact laptop cooling pad that is designed to deliver both effective cooling as well as portability to your laptop. Two silent fans and the mesh surface provide a chill mat for your overheating laptop. Whether you're at home, school, or work, it will provide your laptop with the airflow to keep your system running at its best.

Main Features:
● Non-skid design holds the notebook securely.
● Two fans quietly whir the heat away from your laptop.
● Adjustable tilt and height help to reduce neck and eye strain.
● Portable notebook cooling stand lifts the notebook to promote airflow and reduce heat buildup.
● Adjustable angle and height in 6 different levels are designed for easy typing and viewing, and provide ample clearance and air flow beneath the stand.
● Supports various sizes including 9 inch to 17 inch laptops.
Note: The laptop in the pictures is not included.