Prolink PRO701SFC 650VA UPS.

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Super-Fast Charging Line Interactive Series

  • Super Fast Charging
  • Surge Protection
  • Advance Early Warning of UPS Shutdown
  • Intelligent Battery Management
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Overload Protection

PROLiNK PRO701SFC is a single-phase input/ single-phase output Line-Interactive UPS system with PROLiNK’s latest Super-Fast Charging technology.

This cutting-edge technology is able to recharge the battery back to 90% of its capacity within 2-4 hours, and is ideal for providing stable backup power to home/ small office applications.

A wide input voltage range is supported due to the integrated 3-Step AVR which features 2 boosts and 1 buck to regulate output voltage. This prevents under voltage brownouts and over voltage surges. The unit also comes with universal sockets to provide better compatibility with a wider range of devices.





 Key Features & Benefits

Super Fast Charging
• Battery can be recharged to 90% of its capacity within 2-4 hours

Surge Protection – Provides surge protection for your equipment
• Provides protection for the connected equipment from incoming spikes, surges, etc
• Extra assurance while keeping your network safe from disruptive power surges

Advance Early Warning of UPS Shutdown – Ample time to backup your files
• Immediately alerts you to an output overload, high temperature or low battery condition
• Ample time to either correct the condition or shutdown your system before battery time runs out

Intelligent Battery Management – Better reliability and protection
• Additional protection for battery overcharging and deep discharging
• Maximizes battery performance, life and reliability through intelligent precision charging

Over Temperature Protection
• Shuts the power supply down in the event of unacceptably high internal temperatures

Overload Protection
• Initiate the alarm to inform the user in an event of an overload
Automatic shutdown, thus prolonging the lifespan of the UPS